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Today, I’m going to switch the usual pattern of my gaming articles. My good friend Richard has an unhealthy fascination that borderlines obsession with Goldust, a wrestler prominent in the 90’s. Now this isn’t suprising at all, since richard is a huge wrestling buff, however, this wrestler specifically is a bit odd. According to Richard “Le Ling” Le, Goldust is a semi-decent wrestler. This puzzles me since why have an obsession over a “male” wrestler who isn’t that great? Not only this, Goldust’s gimmick is to act homosexual and play “mind games” with his opponent. He was caught on camera in a 7-11 asking Booker-T if he could take a sip from his slurpee for a bight of his wiener. I really don’t even need to comment on this one.


Cole Train Baby!

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All aboard the Cole Train baby! My favorite gears of war character’s motto has been humorously made into a reality…courtesy of me. Oddly enough, I was able to do this while doing homework since I was bored out of my mind. Please comment on my artistic ability!

Dayum Sucka!

Dayum Sucka!

Saint’s Row 2 (a little bit late, I know)

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Very similair to the first one.

Very similair to the first one.

Hey everybody! I recently got Saint’s row 2 on the weekend and had fun playing it with my two friends Kevin and Justin ( shout out). If you have played the first saint’s Row and enjoyed it, this is nothing short of a must have.The game plays like its older brother to put it simply. The controls are familiar and the creators haven’t ruined it by some new, wacky, over the top concept. There have been some pretty fun additions to it like the cruise control function. Doing a drive-by in the first game took a bit of skill since you had to control your car’s acceleration, steering, and where you aim your gun. In the second one, you press a button to that keeps the acceleration at an even, controllable speed without you having to step on the gas. There are some new activities and options like the wicked gang customization (changes the style of your gang members). Quite a few weapons are introduced such as pepper spray, katanas, tasers, environmental weapons, and others. Unfortunately, the trailer promised shock paddles (which would lead to hours of hilarity) but the game replaced the idea with tasers (which in all fairness, isn’t a bad trade). The story line starts off 5 years after the end of Saints row 1, where your character wakes from a coma. There are three new gangs to take over, so the storyline is in every way a sequel to the first game. You struggle to rebuild the remnants of your former Saints gang in the hopes to find out who betrayed you. This game was tons of fun to play with, and even though it lacked the indepth storyline of GTA, it more than makes up for it in its funny gameplay.

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Hey everybody! Through the last few years, I have learned how awesome webcomics are. Many of them are about video game ( a definite plus since this IS a gaming blog), however, quite a few are just parody autobiogrpahies of their respective artists. I find myself checking my “to-see-list” of the webcomics i follow to see if they’ve updated everyday. Most of the are incredibly funny while some just have a captivating storyline.  I’m going to list a few of them with a brief summary of each.

Penny Arcade- Very funny comic that follows the life of two opposite game reviewers.

VG Cats- Comic about two humanized cats that talk about games and miscalanous topics.

Mystic Revolution-Comic that follows the lives of teenagers in a virtual mmorpg.

Horribleville- Extremely random but funny comic about the “wasted life of K.C. Green”

No need for bushido- comic that follows the adventures of group through feudal Japan.

Fallout 3

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Example of V.A.T.S mode

Example of V.A.T.S mode

Hello everyone!

On the weekend I went over to a friends house with the promise of being able to try out Fallout 3 on his computer. For awhile I was pretty anxious to try out the game, even though I haven’t even heard of the previous games. Really, this game was very fun for me since I greatly enjoyed the revamped Oblivion game style. Like thousands of people before me have said this, it is essentially Oblivion with guns. Sure, there are a lot of new features such as the improved buying/selling method, the Pip-boy (which acts as your inventory, skill recorder, and overall status screen), and the V.A.T.S system which allows you to freeze the game in the middle of combat to target the different body parts of your enemies. To go further in depth with the V.A.T.S system, you would freeze the game at any moment when you fight. From there on, you can choose the different body parts to target which shows the percentage of your chance to hit and receive a critical. Once you choose which parts you would like to target (you have a limited amount of points which determines how many times you can do this), it goes to a slow motion cut scene where the camera follows the bullet into a mutant’ head or zooms in on you beating the crap out of a security guard with a baseball bat ( my personal favorite). The graphics in the game are stunning to say the very least. The American wasteland that is the environment goes on for miles, The characters are a huge improvement from Oblivion’s gender ambiguous npcs, the voice acting for the characters are very good ( I heard some familiar voices from Oblivion, and the colorful costumes and intimidating armor are near-endless. I couldn’t see anything wrong with this game except for the fact that it was a bit difficult at times for me to play in general (maybe because I’m more of a console gamer as opposed to a computer one). Even on easy mode I suffered at times since bullets are very hard to find for me. As a hardcore Oblivion gamer, this style of exploring the huge maps seemed long and boring since there wasn’t a mutated horse to ride in sight. Occasionally a heard of two-headed mutant cows would pass, which resulted in me putting on my brass knuckles to give them a proper beat down. Unfortunately, I was quite promptly owned. On a side note, I got motion sickness from watching my friend play and not when I played it myself……yes…..quite odd indeed. On a FINAL note, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to one of my best friends Leo, who coached me through beating security guards and children with a bloody baseball bat. THANKS REO! *Secret Azian Handshake*

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Game made my Bethesda

New WoW Action Figures

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Hey everybody, I wanted to drop down some news from above that the new World of Warcraft action figures are going to be released at the end of December. I read somewhere that they were going to be released in mid November in time for Wrath of the Lich King to come out, but it was postponed unfortunately. Since my birthday is at the end of November, I was counting on it to be on my wish list. I guess, being the nerd I am, I’m gonna have to wait. If anyone is wondering, I do have the complete collection so far in a very handsome Ikea glass cabinet that was made for action figures. Besides me being a bit of a fanboy, nothing of interest has happened so far. I ran a 3.2 km run today in P.E. class in 16 minutes and 35 seconds. three hours later, I haven’t stop coughing blood and I’m scared. BYE!

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What any nerd would pawn his 20-sided die for.

What any nerd would pawn his 20-sided die for.

Rockinrolla Games

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Hey everybody, I just wanted to give some quick thoughts on the development of rhythm and music based games through the years. With huge names such as Rockband, Guitar Hero, and the new Rock Revolution, one can’t help but wonder where it all started and why they are becoming popular now. Well I can say that as a young child in a mostly Asian community, the flashy arcades were rife with games like these. Though I can’t remember the exact names of the games that made you play a guitar or drums at very high speeds( “Super-Happy-Awesome-Music Time” would be a good guess), I know they were extremely popular. Even older than those games were karaoke programs that rated your pitch and accuracy. Uhhhh… I guess Dance Dance Revolution would apply to this topic. I mean, it was a very popular game in terms of following a rhythm. Now onto the newer games! I have played the first rock Band, and I can’t say much more than its a great party game, but not something I would really play by myself. There’s nothing wrong with playing it solo at all, but to me, its innovation really shines when more than one person play it. Guitar Hero is the opposite to me where its a lot of fun by yourself or with a friend. The newcomer Rock Revolution had fairly mediocre reviews and from what I’ve seen of it, I don’t think many are going to go for it. Im curious as to what it has to offer that Rockband and guitar hero don’t have however. Well…..That’s pretty much it!

Gimme your thoughts!

P.S. I did not create any of these games, they belong to their respective creators.

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Ive seens so many Asian kids tottaly wale on this bad boy. Its Crazy fo reals...

I've seens so many Asian kids tottaly wale on this bad boy. Its Crazy fo reals...