Michel “Wanna Hoe” Fabre

Honh Honh Honh!

Honh Honh Honh!

Im a kid with a small but steadfast dream of maintaining a semi-decent gaming blog. If you you are wondering if that is my middle name, then the answer is yes……yes it is. Currently I’m a high schooler thats trying to get by in my day to day life. I love reading, gaming, listening to music (*Maggot 4 Life w00t*), and gaming. Theres really not all that much I can tell you about me, since I don’t even find myself interesting. A bit of a downer for the people who bothered to click on this page; I know it sucks, live with it. Have fun!


2 Responses to “Michel “Wanna Hoe” Fabre”

  1. Dominic Chan Says:

    Lol at picture.

  2. Dominic Chan Says:

    nice pic lol

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