Jade Empire

If I can recall my gaming life correctly, Jade empire was the first game that I was able to finish completely. The funny thing about me is that I am a finicky gamer and if I have to make a serious effort to finish a game out of a feeling of obligation, than the purpose of the game disappears. A game is meant to be played for fun, and not out of a sense of responsibility over something so trivial. Anyways, this was really  fun for me and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. There we many fun moments that had morality choices ( which I love in games), interesting conversations, and fun fight scenes. Many time I had to make a choice that came up later on in the game to affect the storyline. If you find this game in EB for something like 10-15 bucks, then i strongly suggest you get it if you are a fan of rpgs. The setting takes place in ancient china and it incorporates mythology, magic, and stunning graphics for the time it was released.




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