Cheap Thrills and Triple Kills

This Christmas was pretty fine as gaming goes. I had a lot of time on my hands so this let me experiment with my modest repertoire of game I haven’t played for awhile. I TRIED playing KOTOR again (knights of the old republic) with a lot of trouble since I am not one to play a storyline again, even if their are multiple alignment option. I was able to beet Saints Row 2’s storyline with only 60% completion of the game.This must mean a ton of activities that I have yet to do. I also got Rockband 2 and had tons of fun jamming with my friends on guitar, drums, bass, and the all-holy mic. Near the end, I decided to get a new video card for my computer and I was enticed to buy a 9800 GT Geforce card (much more than I actually needed). For a pretty cheap $15, I was able to buy The Witcher, which was a fantastic game, from Electronic Boutique. so far this game has been a joy but a huge time consumer. I could literally spend 2 hours just walking around and doing nothing. The only problems I would bring up with this game is that it can get a bit glitchy at times, excruciatingly long and frequent load screens, and the fact that everything happens at night which prompts me to either kill time until then or to pay for a room and sleep till that time. The alchemy takes a long time to get used to since it plays a major but slightly boring role in the game. The graphics are near stunning if you have a decent graphic card. Since this game came out in early 2007 I believe, it is a shame it didn’t get the publicity it deserved. Well, that’s pretty much it. Have fun kids!


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