Fable 2

I want to begin with the statement “Fable was the only game that truly introduced me to the world of gaming”. I had to say that Fable was one of the great original xbox rpg games that stood with the likes of “Star Wars: KOTOR” and “Elder Scrolls”. The huge landscapes, excellent fighting, witty humour, and the immense customization made the first game one that I could never forget. Then, I saw the trailer for the sequel in early 2006. My jaw dropped the moment I saw it. I waited for two and a half painstaking years for the game, and when it came out, I couldn’t of been happier. I rushed out to get it and had the most fun in two and a half years….for about twenty hours. I was a fun game that was built just like the predecessor, except with a few things like land ownership which I ( and many other people) could care less about. The quests were fun and, staying true to the first game, incorporated a hilarious sense of humour. The clothes were numerous and fashionable. However, the side quests got a bit repetitive and and unimaginative. The only way to actually earn money in the game is to do a boring job such as pressing the x button at the right moment to pour a bear that earns you four gold. Quests don’t earn you money anymore, which is a huge downer. The introduction of co-op play is a huge step forward, and it is very well done. The only thing about this game that I would really drill is the incredibly short storyline. I had no joy to barrel through it in such a short time and *Spoiler Alert* The boss fight is the stupidest one I have ever played. But, this game left me a lasting impression which I will never forget. You must play this game if you are a fan of the first one or just like rpgs, but make sure you rent it or borrow it from a friend, since you will be done with it in less than a week. I would like to thank my good friend Gordon for co-oping me through some of the harder parts haha!


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