Saint’s Row 2 (a little bit late, I know)

Very similair to the first one.

Very similair to the first one.

Hey everybody! I recently got Saint’s row 2 on the weekend and had fun playing it with my two friends Kevin and Justin ( shout out). If you have played the first saint’s Row and enjoyed it, this is nothing short of a must have.The game plays like its older brother to put it simply. The controls are familiar and the creators haven’t ruined it by some new, wacky, over the top concept. There have been some pretty fun additions to it like the cruise control function. Doing a drive-by in the first game took a bit of skill since you had to control your car’s acceleration, steering, and where you aim your gun. In the second one, you press a button to that keeps the acceleration at an even, controllable speed without you having to step on the gas. There are some new activities and options like the wicked gang customization (changes the style of your gang members). Quite a few weapons are introduced such as pepper spray, katanas, tasers, environmental weapons, and others. Unfortunately, the trailer promised shock paddles (which would lead to hours of hilarity) but the game replaced the idea with tasers (which in all fairness, isn’t a bad trade). The story line starts off 5 years after the end of Saints row 1, where your character wakes from a coma. There are three new gangs to take over, so the storyline is in every way a sequel to the first game. You struggle to rebuild the remnants of your former Saints gang in the hopes to find out who betrayed you. This game was tons of fun to play with, and even though it lacked the indepth storyline of GTA, it more than makes up for it in its funny gameplay.

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