Fallout 3

Example of V.A.T.S mode

Example of V.A.T.S mode

Hello everyone!

On the weekend I went over to a friends house with the promise of being able to try out Fallout 3 on his computer. For awhile I was pretty anxious to try out the game, even though I haven’t even heard of the previous games. Really, this game was very fun for me since I greatly enjoyed the revamped Oblivion game style. Like thousands of people before me have said this, it is essentially Oblivion with guns. Sure, there are a lot of new features such as the improved buying/selling method, the Pip-boy (which acts as your inventory, skill recorder, and overall status screen), and the V.A.T.S system which allows you to freeze the game in the middle of combat to target the different body parts of your enemies. To go further in depth with the V.A.T.S system, you would freeze the game at any moment when you fight. From there on, you can choose the different body parts to target which shows the percentage of your chance to hit and receive a critical. Once you choose which parts you would like to target (you have a limited amount of points which determines how many times you can do this), it goes to a slow motion cut scene where the camera follows the bullet into a mutant’ head or zooms in on you beating the crap out of a security guard with a baseball bat ( my personal favorite). The graphics in the game are stunning to say the very least. The American wasteland that is the environment goes on for miles, The characters are a huge improvement from Oblivion’s gender ambiguous npcs, the voice acting for the characters are very good ( I heard some familiar voices from Oblivion, and the colorful costumes and intimidating armor are near-endless. I couldn’t see anything wrong with this game except for the fact that it was a bit difficult at times for me to play in general (maybe because I’m more of a console gamer as opposed to a computer one). Even on easy mode I suffered at times since bullets are very hard to find for me. As a hardcore Oblivion gamer, this style of exploring the huge maps seemed long and boring since there wasn’t a mutated horse to ride in sight. Occasionally a heard of two-headed mutant cows would pass, which resulted in me putting on my brass knuckles to give them a proper beat down. Unfortunately, I was quite promptly owned. On a side note, I got motion sickness from watching my friend play and not when I played it myself……yes…..quite odd indeed. On a FINAL note, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to one of my best friends Leo, who coached me through beating security guards and children with a bloody baseball bat. THANKS REO! *Secret Azian Handshake*

Image provided by fallout.bethsoft.com

Game made my Bethesda


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  1. this is a really good game michel, check out my review of it on my blog if you want

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