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Hey everybody, I just wanted to give some quick thoughts on the development of rhythm and music based games through the years. With huge names such as Rockband, Guitar Hero, and the new Rock Revolution, one can’t help but wonder where it all started and why they are becoming popular now. Well I can say that as a young child in a mostly Asian community, the flashy arcades were rife with games like these. Though I can’t remember the exact names of the games that made you play a guitar or drums at very high speeds( “Super-Happy-Awesome-Music Time” would be a good guess), I know they were extremely popular. Even older than those games were karaoke programs that rated your pitch and accuracy. Uhhhh… I guess Dance Dance Revolution would apply to this topic. I mean, it was a very popular game in terms of following a rhythm. Now onto the newer games! I have played the first rock Band, and I can’t say much more than its a great party game, but not something I would really play by myself. There’s nothing wrong with playing it solo at all, but to me, its innovation really shines when more than one person play it. Guitar Hero is the opposite to me where its a lot of fun by yourself or with a friend. The newcomer Rock Revolution had fairly mediocre reviews and from what I’ve seen of it, I don’t think many are going to go for it. Im curious as to what it has to offer that Rockband and guitar hero don’t have however. Well…..That’s pretty much it!

Gimme your thoughts!

P.S. I did not create any of these games, they belong to their respective creators.

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Ive seens so many Asian kids tottaly wale on this bad boy. Its Crazy fo reals...

I've seens so many Asian kids tottaly wale on this bad boy. Its Crazy fo reals...


2 Responses to “Rockinrolla Games”

  1. i saw the new game you were talking about, rock revolution, on tv.
    I thought it was going to be a rock band commercial or a guitar hero one, but then the monstrosity that is the note bar thing just made me think, “What is this monstrosity that is supposed to be the note bar thing?”

    I checked it out on youtube, and unfortunately, whoever made it screwed the pooch. It’s no good compared to rockband and guitar hero

    They even made a DS game, if it wasn’t bad enough for you. It’s just a bunch of touching your screen. Good thing I don’t have one of those stupid little things.

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment Louis! Yeah, i went through some other reviews and found descriptions of the game that were less than satisfactory. A comment by a reviewer from OXM (Official Xbox Magaizine) that stuck out to me was “If you’re coming into the game so late, why didn’t you come to win?”

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