Oh, herro prease!

Hey everyone who is interested in my blog…..*cricket chirps*. I’m just doing this for a school project, but I figured I can still have a little fun with it. I am an avid gamer to put in bluntly. I love games. Why don’t you take a guess on what I’m going to be blogging about? I will be the first to admit that I am not a professional critic at any level. I am a teenage guy who likes games, has opinions, and also has a blog. From time to time I might just talk about my day or whats happening, but, most of the time it will be about my anticipations for new games, thoughts on current games, and look backs on old games if I feel nostalgic. I will never say a game is bad or good If I have never played it or haven’t done a considerable amount of research on it (I have a lot of free time). Another thing is, I will never say a game is a knock-off of another game unless it blatantly copies every single aspect of the game it intends to copy. People infuriate me when a new game hasn’t even come out yet, and people start accusing it to be a copy because the game is designed in the same genre as it predecessor. When both Saints Row 1 & 2 (Both made by Activision, I have to give credit to the companies of the games i mention) came out, hundreds of fanboys jumped on the opportunity to call it a knockoff of the Grand Theft Auto Series (Made by Rockstar). I hope that, whoever has enough free time to read this, we become good friends. Feel free comment on anything, just keep it appropriate,and by appropriate, I mean use your judgment. Bye!


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